6 Things That Make Men Attractive To Women!

6 things women notice about men right away.Lets have a look at each and every point:

#1 Confidence- Real confidence is the ability to switch between bravado and humility without worrying about appearing vulnerable. Women truly love that.


#2 Smell – Women like men who smell a certain way to them. There is no formula to this.


#3 How you remind them of her past – Women create a mental love map of their romantic life based on past experiences. Either you will remind her of a good one or bad.


#4 Sense of humour- Women like men who make them laugh.


#5 Perfect V shaped body – Women like a good body and if you’re shaped like a ‘Family Guy’ character, then you’re out of luck.


#6 Strong body and deep voice – Women value physical symmetry because it’s a sign of good health and good genes.


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