!!!The real story of ‘Badshaho’: Indira Gandhi gave away Gayatri Devi Fort to treasure!!!

1 September 2017

 1975 Emergency 96 hours 600 kilometers 1 military truck Crores of gold And 6 dugout

Baadshaho is an upcoming Indian action thriller film written by Rajat Arora, directed and co-produced by Milan Luthria. . ‘Badshaho’ is a story of a treasure in the movie. .The film is a thriller set in the emergency era of the 1970s. The real story of ‘Badshaho’: Indira Gandhi gave away Gayatri Devi Fort to treasure!

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

Director Milan Luthria has earlier made ‘The Dirty Picture’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ but above the details he has given to his next film ‘Badshaho’, he is very tempting. There is a lot of scope in the story because it is inspired by a true phenomenon. However, the makers will never say that the story has taken this story because the courts will have to bolt. By fiction, the man escapes the hard work of lifting dramatics and political angles.

So the first trailer of the film, which is going to be released on September 1, has already arrived. Will talk about it

They will also know that what are the fake and real stories of “Indira Gandhi Government sent an army” to dig up the secret treasure in the palace’s palace.


In ‘Badshaho’, Vidya Jamwal, Ileana D’Cruz, Ajay Devgan, Imran Hashmi, Isha Gupta and Sanjay Mishra

Two things that tease in teasers

Prick # 1. The name of the movie is ‘Badshaho’. Story of Jaipur Believe it or not, the story in the movie has been kept there, but the main location is only visible in Bikaner and Jodhpur. In such a situation, the title does not represent the location of the story. The word ‘Badshaho’ is not spoken in Rajasthan, there is no meaning in it. We have heard this in Punjabi. This can only be justified in the film, when either Ajay Dagan’s character’s name is ‘Badshaho’ or any mission.

Prick # 2.  The story speaks a language like Marwad but lead actor Ajay Devgan and Imran Hashmi Hariyanvi His pronunciation maintains the same stereotyped form of Rajasthani / Haryanavi language in Bollywood which has always been. No new words No local words. Actors will have kept a passion for research on their pronunciation, they do not seem to be. Ajay was “Maukaka”, as in the ‘Dangal’, the Hariyanvi wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat speaks of “Mannath Se”. Emraan Hashmi speaks, “Sarmam and I came ny coming in one centence.” They had a lot to do when they gave it “Sani and Mahe Konni Maan Madam in a Sentence”.

The story is something in the movie

In 1975, the government of Indira Gandhi declared an emergency in the country. Meanwhile, the order of Delhi is sent to a princely state of Rajasthan. Their job is to dig in the palace and the other treasures kept hidden by the Royal Properties. They take the dig. But a loyalist of the princely state (Ajay Devgan) or any other person with a motive, makes plans to stop this unethical work of the government. He looks for some other gimmick companions (Imran Hashmi, Isha Gupta, Sanjay Mishra?) And plans to loot the returning trucks of the army. But there is an obstacle in it (a man) This is an approximate story, not sure.

The first trailer of this film, which is going to be released on September 1, has already come.

But what actually happened?

Legend # 1. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent an army to Rheit in Aamer near Jaipur. They had to order that gold coins, silver goods and diamond-jewels, which are hidden by the Royal Family, have to be dug by digging them out. Then Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur was thrown into prison. Three of his properties were dug in three months But they did not get anything there Three months later, Indira Gandhi confessed the mission and said no treasure was found. However some guides from Jaipur tell stories to the tourists that many trucks were found in gold.

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

Legend #2 .  Indira’s son Sanjay Gandhi placed a seven-day curfew in Aamer near Jaipur. It was the order that if anyone showed up on the streets then they should be shot. Then there were no Hindu-Muslim riots, but the central government did so in prejudice. Someone told Sanjay that there was a huge treasure of King Man Singh in Amer, he sent the army under the guise of emergency. In the excavation, 60 trucks of gold, silver and jewels can be found. It was escorted from Jaipur to Delhi by all eyesight. At Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi, there were two huge planes ready. From there, Sanjay and Indira sent that treasure to Switzerland.

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

During the Emergency Indira Gandhi, Ambika Soni and Sanjay Gandhi 

Legend #3 One of the top commanders of Akbar, Raja Man Singh of Aamer once went to Goud in the city of Bengal (now Bangladesh). Then there, the famous temple of Kali Mata came to visit the temple in Jaisaur. Jaysaureshwari was very impressed by seeing the idol of Kali Mata and went along with her to take the statue of Mata and set it in the temple at Aamer in the temple. The priest of the temple also took with him, whose ancestors still worship at the temple of Aamer. There was a large amount of gold, silver and diamond-jewels hidden in the courtyard of Amer Fort, in the basement, in the ground and in the walls so that the public could come under an emergency. This treasure was cursed that if it was used for any other reason, the family of the person who possessed it would end. When Sanjay Gandhi freed all the treasury trucks in the pretext of the emergency and took it out of his possession, he did not know that there were only those black mother’s jewels in it. With this the waste of the Gandhi family started. First Sanjay Plane was killed in the crash, then Indira Gandhi was assassinated and then Rajiv Gandhi’s

This was the real political story of finding a treasure

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

Maharani Gayatri Devi 1919-2009

 Maharani Gayatri Devi himself told the truth that
former Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur from the Independent Party of Chakravarti Rajgopalachari contested the Lok Sabha elections in 1962 and defeated the Candidate Candidate. It was then considered to be the world’s best-fought match difference. After this, Gayatri Devi also won the elections in 1967 and 1971. He was always a vocal critic of Indira Gandhi. That’s why he was also in his eyes. What Indira did again with her was found just before and after the Emergency. The raids were carried out on the properties of Gayatri Devi and later they were put in jail. It started with them according to the Bangladesh War (1971-72).

# The  preamble was that
Gayatri Devi of this mission had said, “Bangladesh war was the brightest watch for Indira Gandhi but their happiness in India soon got faded. The cost of the war was to be felt. The monsoons had failed. Bank, insurance, coal mines and wheat business were nationalized. The prices of food items were skyrocketing. The dissatisfaction among the people was also skyrocketing. Then in 1974 Jayprakash Narayan started a big movement in Bihar. George Fernandes, who was the leader of the MP and Railway Workers Union, had staged a train for three weeks. ”

George Fernandes and Jayprakash Narayan
deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

“The country’s confidence was over in Indira’s leadership. Indira did not see them as many people were moving, and they thought people are saying ‘bring Indira’. Then they started raids against the leaders of business houses and opposition to woo the people’s attention from the mass movements. But the result was reversed and people’s anger against them increased. Except Leftists, all Opposition united. In these raids, special disturbances were kept in the former princely houses of Gwalior as the Rajmata of Gwalior and I were members of the opposition in the Parliament. ”

#  How was that day not forgetting
Ajay Devgan starrer ‘Badshaho”s story begins after the Emergency. The same is true in other legends. But this story actually started before the Emergency and maybe even before it ended. It was 11th February, 1975, four months before the Emergency. The day that Gayatri Devi Tamum has not forgotten He wrote this while remembering, “February is a beautiful month in Rajasthan. The sky is blue, the flowers begin to blossom, the birds sing and the days are cold and very clean. On this special day, I was feeling very happy as I did not do it after losing Jay (Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II II). The day was going to be busy and I was planning. After doing yoga on the terrace, I went to make breakfast. I was having breakfast, Mad came and told me some strangers wanted to meet me. I asked them to call in. They came and said, ‘We are income tax officers. We have come to investigate your premises. ‘ I said, ‘do it again But there are my appointments and I have to leave now. ‘ So he said that no one can go out of here. ”

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

During Indira Gandhi Emergency 

#  This week’s search in Jaigadh Fort
started exploring his property in Moti Dungari. At the same time, every house, every office, city palace, museum, Rambagh Palace Hotel, their children’s houses and residence in Delhi were also raided. Two days later, Jaipur was also raided in Jaipur. When the income tax officer arrived at the Fort’s door, his guard was the people of Meena Tribal. He told the Income Tax officials that he could only enter the fort by passing on his corpse. Gayatri Devi remembered that since Maharaja Jai Singh had built this fort, no one other than Maharaja and his officers had been able to enter. But they were admitted. These investigations continued for several weeks. There were daily news in TV, radio and newspapers.

#  When the eyes of the officials remained
tangled, there was the need for repair of the roof, in the Rajpuriwar residence of the Palace City, a cupboard doorstep was made. Many years ago, Maharaj Sawai Man Singh II kept all the precious things in it in Jaipur as specially made of Moti Dungari. According to Gayatri Devi, they wanted to keep these things in separate cases and put them for display in the City Palace so that the visitors and the visitors coming there could see this treasure. When the Income Tax officials saw this treasure, their eyes were shocked.

deepika padukone IIFA 2016 .

Moti Dungri Fort and the temple seen in it.

 Then  found huge reservoir of gold coins

When Gayatri Devi was sleeping on a afternoon in the courtyard of Moti Dungari, the Income Tax officials were struggling with the stone patio below. Gayatri Devi had said about it, “The officer who was an officer in charge of the raids was filled with excitement when he got a huge amount of gold coins. These coins were brought by Jai (Man Singh II) to the Mothi Dungari from the fort of Nahargarh, which were kept in the treasure of Nahargarh Fort before meeting the Jaipur principality in the Indian Union. Fortunately, this gold was mentioned in the last budget of Jaipur principality, then each coin was accounted for. But this persecution continued even after this. ”

Of course, these coins were not taken away in trucks and they were accounted for by the pre-principality. A few months later, in June 1975, when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared an Emergency, she started sending her opponents to jail. Pre-queen Gayatri Devi was also put in Tihar Jail. He had to stay there for five months there. His eldest son, Brig Bhavani Singh (steple), was also jailed with him.

Subsequently, in August 1975, Russia’s Weekly Newspaper St. Petersburg Times reported the news of Gayatri Devi being imprisoned and the information about the treasury excavation and its contents was also given. According to this, “The Government of the past said that its investigators received the $ 1.7 million worth of currency, diamond, emerald and precious metals which were of the Queen and her family. They also found the gold coins and bullion jackpot hidden in a secret basement under the ground of a palace, worth $ 5 million. “

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